"The life so short, the craft so long to learn"

Chaucer's quote, is a driving force behind We Eat The Sun. A truly wonderful aspect of all craft is that every day is one where skills are honed, muscle memory subtly tweaked and methods are created or refined. 

For me, the four years spent in higher education, in London and here in Melbourne, learning furniture making, woodwork and design were really only the beginning. Over the years I have worked in many workshops, requiring a variety of skills, making by hand, by machine, to design and to solve.

With every piece of wood different, the grain direction unique, the approach to working it is decided in that small space of time where the tool is picked up and brought to use.

It is this attention to work, to detail that we are proud of, each piece designed and made for you and for use.

Liam studied furniture making in London, completing a City & Guilds in Cabinetmaking. While there he won the prestigious Derek Austin award. After working for a few local makers Liam returned to Melbourne in 2009 to study a Diploma in Furniture Design at RMIT. The design focus of this course rounded out his making skills learnt and refined while overseas.

With a specialty in the weird and wonderful Liam has been able realise a number of private client's dreams to reimagine, reinvent and revive their old and cherished pieces of furniture. Sentiment is the new black so please get in touch.